Let there be LIGHT!

An ecological UV disinfection system for in ground and above ground pools, UV-Light.
For clean and clear water all summer long!
Much less harmful for the pool components than disinfection using salt (less corrosive).
UV Light

  • Optimum disinfection
  • Ecological, economical and safe
  • Easy to maintain
  • Automatic chlorinator
  • Slow dissolving and long acting
  • Specially designed for the UV-LIGHT

2 YEAR WARRANTY against manufacturer defects

What is a UV disinfection system?

The sun emits spectral radiation that consists of ultraviolet rays. The UV generator will mostly develop UV-C rays. This lamp produces a dose of 30 to 40 mj/cm2. The UV-C radiation modifies the DNA and allows the destruction of the pathogenic microorganisms. The radiation efficiency prevents reactivation of the microorganisms.

UV-Light disinfection system ADVANTAGES

  • Very compact generator - 316 L stainless steel housing and not PVC
  • 35% more UV-C radiation efficiency provided by the stainless steel interior
  • Small footprint, ideal for existing installation
  • Simplified connection: 1.5’’ or 2’’ connections
  • Lamp lifetime: UV 40 and UV 75: 9,000 hours, UV 130: 16,000 hours
Available models - UV Light



How to Change the Lamp of Pool UV System


How to Clean Quartz Sleeve of Pool UV System