RBF offers you a maintenance calendar for your spa water. A simple and efficient way to have sparkling spa water and an unparalleled experience!

In terms of spa chemical products, there are no bad products, only bad product combinations in order to get a certain result. Here are the steps to follow, for only 10 minutes a week, to have sparkling spa water and an unparalleled experience.

This maintenance guide will help you maintain your water parameters at recommended levels.

Total Alkalinity: 100 - 120 ppm
Calcium Hardness: 150 - 200 ppm
pH: 7.2 - 7.8
Chlorine (dichloro) or Bromine: 3 - 5 ppm

Maintenance calendar

Maintenance calendar spa

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How to read and understand the spa maintenance calendar

The maintenance calendar will indicate the procedure to maintain sparkling spa water. All the products recommended in this calendar help prevent premature wear and tear of your spa components. For required quantities, read the Directions for Use on the label of each product mentioned in this calendar. During weekly maintenance (Weeks 1 to 4), it is recommended to add one product at a time. The order in which the products are added is not important.

  1. 1 Start by adjusting and maintaining the parameters for pH and chlorine (dichloro) or bromine at the appropriate values ​​at all times. Add required chlorine or bromine on a daily basis or as needed. Adjust the pH weekly.
  2. 2 Make sure to have your spa water analyzed regularly by your retailer to adjust and maintain the following parameters: total alkalinity and calcium hardness.
  3. 3 Every week, add a Non-Chlorinated Shock Treatment for spa to eliminate chlorine odors, clarify and oxidize your water. Bathing is possible immediately after treatment.
  4. 4 The Clarifier (in premeasured tablets or liquid), when used on a weekly basis, removes suspended solids and makes water sparkle. The clarifier in a premeasured tablet is clearly more efficient and easier to use than the liquid clarifier.
  5. 5 Scale Control prevents scale build-up and corrosion in your spa's water heater and plumbing.
  6. 6 The Fragranced Water Softener, also known as Velvet-Up, Comfort or Comfort Sensation is essential to increase bathing comfort.
  7. 7 Before draining the spa, don't forget the Piping Cleaner to degrease and clean spa plumbing. You must remove cartridge before using this product.
  8. 8 Once you have removed the cartridge, you can clean it with the Spa Cartridge Filter Cleaner to dislodge and dissolve accumulated dirt and body oils in your spa cartridge filter. The cartridge filter must be cleaned once a month.
  9. 9 When it's time to clean your spa, specialized products are available, such as Spa Cover Cleaner, Acrylic Cleaner and Acrylic Protector. Contact your specialized retailer for more information.

Note : This calendar is valid all year round.