Tips and Tricks Pools

It is recommended to clean the sand in the pool filter at least once a year.  The best time to do this is at the pool opening in spring by backwashing the filter. However, there is an easy-to-use product ideal for getting your pool season started with clean sand—Sand Filter Cleaner. It dislodges grease and encrusted dirt in the sand filter. This highly effective product can also extend the life of the sand.

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There is an alternative to liquid clarifiers for pools. Innovation now brings us products in premeasured dosages that make our lives easier. For the pool, a clarifier in premeasured sticks is available. This clarifier is clearly more efficient and easier to use than the liquid clarifier. Simply add one stick in the skimmer once a week for pools of 75,000 L of water of less and 2 sticks for pools over 75,000 L of water.

When the ice melts in spring, it’s unfortunate to see the pool liner, the steps or the backflow completely stained. Possible causes are stagnant water, spots from leaves or the presence of metals in the water. You will be pleased to learn that there is an easy-to-use product that cleans all the stained parts of your pool. Stain Remover is designed to remove all types of stains immediately upon application. Just broadcast it over the area in question and watch the stain disappear. This product is also effective for stained spas.

Did you know that UV rays break down the chlorine in your pool in sunny weather? Stabilizer is the solution for you. Once the product has dissolved in your pool water, it will prevent the chlorine from being destroyed by UV rays. It is recommended to place the product in the skimmer when opening your pool. In addition, by using a stabilizer, you will be able to reduce the chlorine consumption by up to 40% for the summer.

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Did you know that there are two types of algaecides? Most of the regular algaecides in 5%, 10% or 15% concentrations are only for preventive measures. These algaecides do not kill algae in your pool water. Other algaecides such as 40% and 60% kill algae plus prevent them from growing back. By using 40% or 60% algaecide in your pool weekly, your pool water will be perfectly clear and algae-free.

Did you know that 90% of the chlorine you add to your pool is used up to oxidize impurities, which leaves only 10% to sanitize the water? By using a Non-Chlorinated Shock Treatment once every two weeks, the chlorine added to your pool will disinfect the water as it should. In addition, this product will reduce your chlorine consumption by 50 to 75% throughout the year and will keep your pool water crystal clear.

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